Here you will find some of my favorite links


FREE FONTS - Simply The Best Fonts - The best site I've found for high quality downloadable fonts WITHOUT all the junk pop up links. 

FONTS & DINGBATSFontspace - Over 13,000 FREE fonts.  A great source for fonts & dingbats.

MORE FREE FONTS - Acid Fonts - Very well organized - nice stuff

DINGBATS - Dingbat Depot - If you like dingbats, you'll love this website.

GRAPHIC LOGOS - Looking for a specific logo - like the twitter bird or Hello Kitty?  You'll find it here.

SURE CUTS ALOT - Create & Cut your own designs without buying expensive cartridges.



FREE CASH REBATES - Ebates offers free cash rebates on purchases made online at your favorite stores.  There's no cost to join - Cash rebates are paid quarterly.  FREE MONEY - CAN'T BEAT THAT!